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Meet Patrick Ballantine

Hi! I'm Patrick Ballantine! Thank you for your interest in my new book We All Have Belly Buttons!

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My Story

Patrick Ballantine was raised in the welcoming city of Wilmington, North Carolina. He went to church every Sunday, attended local schools, and played multiple sports, where he made friends with kids from many backgrounds. After graduating from Cape Fear Academy, Ballantine went on to earn degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Dayton School of Law.


Ballantine served as a North Carolina State Senator for over 10 years and practiced law with his wife Lisa. In addition to his political and legal career, he owned several small businesses in the area. He and Lisa live with their son Augie and a Westie dog named Coconut. Their daughter Wilker and her husband Fisher live far away in Texas, so they are grateful for the direct airline flight from Wilmington.


Ballantine has been involved in civic life for as long as he can remember. Known by friends and foes alike as an honest leader with humility and integrity, Ballantine has inspired many to do good and make a positive impact on others. He tries to set an example of how we all can use our experiences, education, and empathy to bring people together.


Patrick Ballantine recently released his first book, a children’s book, called "We All Have Belly Buttons". Ballantine hopes that by reading his book, children will understand that no matter how different we may look on the outside, we all have belly buttons and share a common human experience. He wants children, and adults, to learn to embrace and appreciate each other’s differences and to use their unique perspectives to behold the joy and wonder that comes with diversity and acceptance.


Through his simple book, Ballantine is continuing his mission to spread joy, compassion, respect, understanding, and unity in the world. A message from "We All Have Belly Buttons” is to remind us that everyone has something special to offer—and that we can all make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

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