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by Patrick Ballantine

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God made us all special and unique. We all come from different cultures and backgrounds. Look around you, and you'll see friends with different eyes, hair and skin, but there is one thing we all have in common WE ALL HAVE BELLY BUTTONS!

Patrick Ballantine often heard how different people can be. The world seemed divided, as grownups focused on people's differences. Ballantine has learned that it is the little things in life that truly matter most. Reading this book with a child is a simple pleasure, but it could help shape their life, and yours. Enjoy each page together, laugh together, open your minds and hearts, and see how we really are all the same. 

Customer Reviews
5 out of 5
We have 5 grandchildren now and they love to talk about their belly buttons!
Grace Cary loves her new book!
Fun book for small children

"We All Have Belly Buttons" is a fun, read aloud book to small children. The author has done a brilliant job showing how we may look different but yet, in a simple way, that we are all the same. My three-year-old daughter loves it!

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